Today, watching videos is the most popular phenomenon under going in the world. People tend to take videos very close to them. Even, many people love watching videos more than they doing any other thing in the world. But one huge dilemma is the incompatibility of your videos, which can prove to b a royal pain in the bazookie.

The most common format in which videos are recorded by the cameras is the MPEG2 format. All the Hollywood movies that you buy from stores and run on your DVDS are on MPEG2 formats. Keeping in mind the interest of people many camera making companies have turned their camera formats to MPEG2 format. Now this format is very commonly used by masses but the obstacle with this format is its incompatibility with video file converters. It means that you can always see your captured movies on your DVD but you can not upload it on your video file converter to edit it.


Conversion software to the rescue:

Now every problem has its solution. Same is what goes with these incompatible video formats. Now there is software available on the net which can convert your incompatible format to the format you wish to go. This software is called Stream Clip. It is free for all and available easily on the net. You can have it on squared 5 website. This video file converter is a fast and powerful converter and is very easy and friendly to use. You just need to export your files in it which might be in any of the several formats and you can easily convert your files to your desired formats.

What Is A Good App For Voice Recording?

Macintosh are one of the renowned computers manufacturers, the reason they are famous for is their excellence of tackling with various multimedia applications for example voice recording, graphic designing and many other advance applications. All the Mac computers are available with a particular kind of software that is called as the iLife software, this software is already installed with in Mac, and this is specialized software that is uploaded with a voice recording program which is known as the Garage Band.

Garage Band is the most advanced software that enables the user to do almost any thing no matter what, it enables the user for the voice recording, recording films, own voice, almost all the functions that can be dreamed of is accessible via the Garage Band by the Mac. It has also proved to be easier to use as compare to that of any other voice recording instruments. The voice recording by the help of a Mac is the most convenient and easily performable task, one will just have to follow a few very simple step by step guide lines and that would do it. Therefore, it can be considered as the best application for the voice recording.