Before buying any audio recording software, you should check out how that software works. The solution for this problem is the free trial versions of recording software that are available on the internet. However, you should keep in mind that these free software available on internet might not have all the tools that are available in the original version, but none the least it will be guide for you to set your foot wets in the world of audio recording.


Audacity is taken as the best free audio recording software that is currently available in the market. It is one of the most popular free audio recording software that is being used world wide and preferred by many in the business.

Audacity recording software is compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft windows and many other operating systems. One of the great things about this recording software is its simplicity and convenience to be used by the beginners.

Many new features are being updated in this software which allows higher resolution and option for labeling the regions of your recorded audio through new sound finder. However, being easy to use software it doesn’t have any limitations that restricts it for being the choice of professionals. You can have the top notch professional sound track recorded on this software, which makes it the best free audio recording software.

Transfer voice recording to CD

Voice recorders have many uses. They are not just used for recording speeches songs, baby voices and seminars but these remarkable devices also have a really great purpose. These voice recorders can also be used as a spying apparatus. By plainly switching on the voice recorder, we can easily listen to the conversation that took place in that particular place or room.

Later on, the recorded chat can be listened by played back several times or it could be stored in some type of hardware media such as a cassette for further exploit. Or a better idea could be to transfer voice recording into a Cd which can be used later on.

CDs are remarkable external storage devices which can save up to 700 MB of data. The best of all it is portable and small in size. The question arises that how do we use software for transfer voice recording to CD? Well the answer is very simple. First we need to transfer the files into the computer. Then that particular computer should have a CD writer so that transfer of data can take place. Then we insert a blank CD and then just burn the voice recoring files with the help of a windows media player.