Now days there is a high rate of advancement in technology people can communicate with any one at any time without any sort of problem, but some times these technological advancement also causes problems.

All most all the people no matter using the land line or the cell phone they usually put it on the answering machines, at times these were the most irritating situations when you want to contact someone and the phone of that person is on the voicemail. Although the voice mail are the best solutions for getting one’s message and it also request to an individual to leave the message very kindly after the beep sound.


However, the nature of human being is always in search of something new and something that is unique and this ultimate feature of the human nature lead to a new sort of invention in the voice mail recording and a newer kind was generated that is the funny voice mail recordings. These funny mail recordings were driven after the options provided by the network operators for the consumers to record the mail messages in their own voices, it was like people were desperately waiting for this option, people started recording voice mail recording which made the hilarious instead of getting angry.

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