The producer of the converter is Behringer (model number FCA202). It's really compact and of high quality for its price. It comes with FireWire audio interface.
All this equipment works great for more than two years and nothing of it was replaced, though some model numbers could be changed.


Here is how it works during the recording process: the sound is being received by the microphone. Then it comes to the mixer that sends it to the converter through a Y adapter cable. When converter has received that sound it takes the voice in an analog signal and converts it to a digital signal. After that it is being sent to the laptop or PC via FireWire and cannot be processed with the voice sound recording software.
And here comes the software part. To record and edit the sound a software program is necessary. I recommend Audacity, as it is open source and thus a free program (but some countries may have a licensing fee for using Audacity). The software may be found and downloaded on its site. Except Audacity there are many other programs that can help you, for instance, a fee-based SONY Sound Forge.

Another software program will be needed for exporting the created audio file into WAV or MP3. This is where LAME recorder comes in hand, as it is also open source and free (as it was said before, some countries may also have a licensing fee for using LAME). You can also download it from its site which is easy to find with Google. Though LAME works well with Audacity, there is a possibility it will not work with some other recording software programs, so be attentive.

I recommend converting to both formats, as MP3 is useful for copying to MP3-players, and WAV provides high quality that can be brought to CDs.
One can think it’s too much for just a voice recording. In the long run, you can just use a recording feature of your mobile phone and a simple program like Audio Acrobat, but this will never make the quality of your song as good as the set up I described above. It is guaranteed that with this equipment you'll get a quality of professional recording studio.