Sicuro Titanium XL Sound 360-Degree Speaker System with Techno Lights Model RW-360XL

This speaker system is a 2.1 speaker system that gives the same quality and sound effects in a 360-degree diameter area. The two speakers not only light up with the sound but it also is a vibrating aluminum cylindrical system that has no screws or bolts and is completely hand built so the sound is crystal clear every time.

The sub-woofer also has light up techno effects and the system comes with all needed adapters so you can use the system on a laptop, desktop, PS/2, or nay other console gaming platform. These will also work extremely well on a stereo or MP3 player.

The unit also comes with a hard-wired remote that is attached to the sub-woofer and it also has 2 headphone jacks on the bottom of the remote. We tested this in our lab with a regular sound output from a PC speaker out jack. We tested the system with music CDs and some MP3 we had on the box. The sound quality was excellent and I walked around the room to experience the 360 effects. No matter where in the room I stood the sound was full stereo and crystal clear.

The sub-woofer was of decent size and the speakers were slender attractive tubes. The light effects were very nice the only issue we ran into was the sound had to be kind of loud before the two small speakers started to light up. The sub-woofer lighted up with very little sound. Other than that the system performed flawlessly and the experience was extremely enjoyable.