Gaming Speaker System with Techno Lights Model RW-670XL

This is a 5.1 surround sound speaker system that had a special feature that few other speaker systems have. This system has a feature called "enhanced surround" this feature gives full 5.1 surround simulation of you don't have a surround sound 5.1 decoder. This is nice because some users like me use laptops that do not have a 5.1 card but just a plain old stereo output. The other nice feature with this system for gamers is the fact that when sound comes thru the individual speaker including the sub-woofer the device lights up.

The louder the sound the brighter the light shows from the speaker. Also the system comes with a wireless remote control. We tested this system in our lab with a 5.1 creative sound blaster live and a Sony DVD player with no 5.1 decoders. The test on the sound blaster for a lack of a better word just rocked! The quality of the sound was crystal clear and the thrill of being shot at in my favorite game just added to the excitement. The game tested was Allegiance by Microsoft Research Games and I have played this for years.

Adding the 5.1 speakers and closing all of the blinds in my lab just made the experience more exciting and enjoyable. When someone engaged me from the right rear the speaker light flashed with every individual impact of the enemy rounds. In my opinion that was an experience that can only be seen live. We then tested the system on a DVD player with no surround sound. We used the proper attachment that came with the speaker system and broke out one of the true surround sound test DVDs. Saving Private Ryan and the Omaha Beach invasion scene. We got good 2.1 sound from the system and then we engaged the "enhance" feature instantly the speaker system emulated full 5.1 surround and it did such a good job of it that I could not distinguish if the 5.1 was real or "emulated".

The enhancement was so good that you can hear the machine gun rounds stream past your head just like an actual 5.1 decoder would do. Once again we closed the blinds in the lab to experience the lighted speaker effects and once again we were not disappointed. Another great thing about this system is that it comes with plenty of wire. The rear speakers come with about 50 feet of wire and the front ones comes with about 30 feet so with no lack of wire we were able to place the speakers pretty much wherever we wanted to. In general the experience was great and the setup was effortless.