Tweak Monster Lightstrip

Here are the specs:

•7/16 of an inch wide x .020 (20 thousandths of an inch) thick (about the thickness of a piece of posterboard).
•Self-adhesive backing sticks to almost anything.
•Fully bendable and configurable.
•May be cut to different lengths, all of which will glow individually.
•Uses small power converter that is easily hidden, and can run numerous Lightstrips at once.
•Negligible power consumption.
•NO heat generated from the light (which is always good).
•Fully weatherproof.
•Conforms to just about any type of surface, including sharp bends and corners.
•Burn life of 15,000 hours (3 years straight).
•Works right off your computer's power supply.
•Can handle heat just fine (like heatsink installations......).
•Easily attachable to heatsinks, video cards, motherboards, cases, fans, water tanks, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, mousepads, desks, speakers, etc.
•Available in Blue, Green, Orange and white.

This is what you get in the kit: 1.5m of Lightstrip pre-connected to the inverter which is also wired with a 4 pin connector for connection to the PC 12V power supply, 5 termination pins to connect to any Lightstrip you may cut off and an instruction leaflet.