PHAT crystal

This system will be going into our project crystal (well it is already in place but I aint showing you till next week! Project crystal is PHAT it will boast the latest Epox 8KHA+, Athlon XP 1800, Nvidia GForce 3 to name a few.... all these components have been kindly donated to us by TheOverclockingstore - Thanks guys.

This kit is all the way from Germany - these guys aint mickey-mouse either because they have a partnership with ELSA ;) Thanks goes to Uwe to provide me unprecidented support and freebies.

My favourite component....The K4.1 ;) the Plexi housing holds a copper core which the contact area of the copper is over 80 cm². The K4.1 has brass links for 10 mm hose's....

Dimensions: approx. 50 x 50 x 30 mm. I am assured that Leakages are almost impossible from the K4.1

The base of the K4.1 - Is a bit dirty after I couldn't stop licking it when I recieved the packaging - heheh can you tell that I like it? The way this is fitted on top of the cpu is via a Hold down device which we shall see later on. The K4.1 will fit both Intel and AMD type processors.

The G1 is a video chipset cooler with a maze design inside...The brass unions are angled for obvious reasons.

The base of this is not as smooth as I would have liked but a little elbow grease would soon rectify it. The only thing I am sceptical about is how It would interfere with cooling sinks placed on RAM chips.

I have taken this image with both ethe K4.1 and G1 at the moment there is no northbridge waterblock available but it is in devlopment.