Orange ORB Coolers

Here is one of the new chipset cooler's from Thermaltake!, We are sorry for the delay but this is due to some MAJOR work as we have now teamed up with some Major European market leaders as well as preparing for some shows - more details later!

The Orange orb is 10mm thick as apposed to the 15mm depth of the blue orb. The fan on the orange orb is also 6 dBA more than the Blue Orb.

The contents: 3->4 pin adapter with pass-thru, thermal paste, securing push clips and a piece of thermal tape aka Frag tape.

The fins on this cooler from a side view. The fins are straight unlie the blue orbs... we shall see this in a moment.

Close up of the push clips.

As you can see - the fins are curved forward.

We have had a look at many chipset coolers now but the best is one by far is the Vice chipset cooler which OCS sell as the icicle! the orange orb is only a few pounds more than the blue orb and I would prefer the orange one over the blue orb due to the fact it being one piece.