I'm not going to get deep into this because it just gets me kind of mad that people are being so nitpicky about stupid stuff. What I'm talking about is the AFA throwing a hissy fit over the airing of Saving Private Ryan on veterans day. They are complaining because the movie contained vulgar language and was aired during primetime viewing hours. The movie was a real depiction of what happens during war times and even the AFA recognized this.


We believe Saving Private Ryan accurately depicted what happens during fierce battles between two armies. The graphic depictions of atrocious injuries, mental stress, profane language, and brutality are likely common occurrences in war.

The biggest problem I have with this complaint is the AFA is basically saying it's ok to show people being shot, limbs being blown off, gushing blood, but not profanity. I'm mean seriously which is worse, saying the "f-word" or seeing someones head being blown off? Plus I really don't like the way the AFA is going about getting people to file FCC complaints. They are basically soliciting complaints from anybody that views their website. You didn't even have to see the movie on ABC that night because they provide you with all of the vulgar language in the movie.

File a formal complaint against ABC for airing indecent language during the November 11 ABC movie, Saving Private Ryan. WARNING: Because your complaint MUST CONTAIN the actual language used during the broadcast of Saving Private Ryan, it is included in the email text box below.

Where will this all end? The movie had a TV-MA rating and a warning that said the movie contained violence and offensive language. I mean come on if you don't like what's on TV you have every right to turn the TV off. It's real simple, the button is even label OFF.

All-Time Favorite TV Shows

To put it nicely television programming these days really sucks. Besides shows like CSI, Law & Order and ... well I guess maybe Fear Factor (cause it's hilarious) there is nothing I like to watch. I remember when I was younger and I used to be glued to the TV set every night around 8. What channel was I watching? Nick-At-Nite of course. That is and always will be my favorite channel. The majority of the shows below came on that channel at some point or another so I rarely had to change channels. I tell you it was television watching bliss. I need to start watching Nick-At-Nite again because it would definitely be better than the reality tv shows we have now.
The Cosby Show
Get Smart
I Love Lucy
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mork & Mindy
The Jeffersons
Sanford & Son
The Golden Girls
Dick Van Dyke
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
I also like the first superman that was in black & white.


Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live was not as "Live" as people expected last night. Musical Guest Ashlee Simpson poorly lip-synched her first song, and then a technical glitch or mistake led to the wrong vocal track being played for her second performance proving her fraud as she stood there confused while her recorded voice filled the airwaves. Simpson's band picked up the slack, attempting to save the show as Ashlee walked off the stage. Read More

When will people learn that lip-synching is not good for their careers. All it takes is one skip in the record and you're busted. I guess that's what happens when your the sister of a pop star and you have nothing else going for you besides being the sister of a pop star.


No One Cares Britney

I don't know about you but I am so tired of hearing Britney Spears name in the news every other day. Are you that attention craving that you have to be in the news for staging weddings and what not? Why don't you just do what you do (sing and dance) and let the fame and popularity take care of itself. What can you not sing and dance anymore? Are you ugly now or something? What's the deal?