If you own a fair amount of DVDs, you’re likely to face problems organizing those. Even alphabetical or genre-based order is not of much help as the collection constantly grows. As a result, you inevitably need to gaze through many and many disc cases until you get what you’re searching for. Moreover, each case requires sufficient room to be stored, or else it will be messy.


Sure, some may consider an option of devoting special place for DVD stacks, but what if your living area isn’t too large? Then you will probably stick to the solution that requires minimum space, while saving decent accessibility. Or even if the area is not a problem, bringing order and structure to your DVD repository will make for its greater convenience.

DVD Arrangers

These days you will find multiple categories of DVD arrangers. And yet the basic principle of such gadgets is that you separate the DVD-disc with cover art from the case. Cases are then stored in some other place (or trashed). As for discs, they are kept in the DVD arranger and are easy to find and access within seconds. If such approach suits you, read details below.

Choosing DVD Binder

Local retailers will surely offer a DVD arranger with features that you need. We’ve chosen a relatively tiny binder with capacity of 80 discs with cover papers. This binder is robust and designed for carrying by a convenient handle. It is swiftly locked and unlocked. I decided to buy eight pieces of this DVD arranger, and now all my discs (counting over 500) that previously completely occupied a wall in my house are packed in 8 neat and compact boxes. I didn’t consider binders of greater capacity for the sake of their dimensions and weight.