Crystal Clear Clarity for your Pink Precious

What is the fun in flaunting your pretty Pink Apple iPhone, if it does not give you the ultimate musical experience that iPhones are meant for. If you are a music lover and obsessed with your Pink Apple gadget, then the In-Ear iPhone headphones are here to give you an unforgettable and stylish music listening experience.

These In-Ear iPhone headphones are designed with a crystal casing that not only complements your Pink Apple’s style, but also makes it more glamorous. The headphones’ crystal casing is transparent, thereby making it easy for you to detect if there are any problems with your cord and of course looking cool as well. They are cushioned with comfortable ear buds that keep the headphones in place, even if you are jumping up and down while listening to music.

These headphones are not only different and chic to look at, but also offer unique features. These headphones offer crystal clear and automatically adjustable sound quality. These earphones have an automatic mechanism, where, as soon as you decrease the volume below 40 db, the external valve opens and lets you listen to the sounds or people around you. But as soon as you increase the volume above this threshold, the valve closes, giving you an uninterrupted music ambience. This mechanism saves you from taking out your well adjusted ear phones to listen to someone, all that you would need to do now is lower the volume. The headphones have also been made handy by adding a play/pause button on them, which is not available on the default Apple iPod In-Ear Headphones. The In Ear iPhone headphones make your music listening experience convenient and classy.