Aperture 3 review

New Aperture 3 for Mac reviewed by applemetr.com

Aperture is the photo editing software released by Apple which performs editing and management of photos. It is aimed at providing quality services to professionals in the field. The third version of the software was released recently amid speculations. The light room software from adobe is riding high on success and Apple needed some serious work from its professionals in designing a product that will take over the light room.

Aperture 3 is one such software product that gives many settings for the users to choose from. The software comes with option for streaming through various photos and editing them quicker. All photographers who use Apple system will process raw images and hence aperture is the best they can get. One major drawback of Lightroom from Adobe is that, you cannot watch videos or edit them. Since photography is closely associated with videos, you will need software that supports both and aperture comes in handy.


The features of the aperture software are mind blowing with options for slideshows that include photos and videos as well. You can mix the files with audio tracks and export them as Apple Quick Time videos. The latest digital SLR cameras are capable of capturing images even at darker atmosphere and this will result in lot of noise. Hence the software enables stronger noise reduction when compared to other photo editing softwares.

There were no edit brushes in light room software whereas the aperture comes along with effective brushes similar to photoshop software. Even though there are various new features from Apple that capture the attention of photographers, there are certain other features and options that do not fit well. The add-ons such as face detection and geo tagging do not stand out from the others and they do not work well.

So such options are not used by the photographers. So with highly professional features lining their way, the aperture 3 photo editing software gives the extra edge that is needed for the photographers to bring out their skills. The software is priced around $200 which is not so high when comparing the same with its counterparts. So if you want to purchase a product that comes handy in all your photographing and editing works, and a software that does not cost much but gives excellent features, you are in the right page, go for the aperture 3 software.